Education & Training

  • Ph.D. Candidate 2014- Present

    Political Science

    Florida State University

  • MSc.2013

    Master of Science in International Public Policy

    University College London

  • B.A.2012

    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
    Track: International Relations and Comparative Government
    Minor: Public Administration

    University of Central Florida

Research Projects

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    Cosmopolitanism and Immigration Attitudes

    In progress. Does having a cosmopolitan outlook have an effect on individuals' attitudes towards immigration?

    This project seeks to test our hypothesis that a positive change in individuals’ cosmopolitan outlook should have a corresponding increase in positive attitudes toward immigration. To test this, we devise a nonequivalent groups design quasi-experiment with a control group (composed of subjects not studying abroad) and an experimental/ intervention group (study abroad participant subjects). Our experimental group has been ‘treated’ with what we assume to be the cosmopolitan-inducing effects of cross-border interaction (i.e., study abroad experience).

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Office Location and Hours

You can find my office in room 223 of the Bellamy Building.

I am usually in office weekdays from 9:00am until 5:00pm, but please schedule an appointment via email first.